Bhan Mi

This stall is selling Bahn Mi with vegetarian option which is mock chasiew and mushroom. I like how the sourness of the veggie mixed well with the mock meat and the bread texture is crunchy outside but soft inside.


Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market – 2nd floor
6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Singapore 081006
6225 5632


Parenting & Sleepless Night

Hubby suddenly sent below lovely and warm writing *teary*


Parenting doesn’t end when the sun goes down. πŸŒ™ I want to parent at night the same way I parent during the day. You have two nighttime parenting goals (1) get sufficient rest yourself and (2) meet the nutritional and emotional needs of your child. It’s a tough balance. Realizing that the last sweet hours of restful darkness are almost over. The 4am wake-up call is especially excruciating. Still, we haul ourselves out of bed, and with bleary eyes pull our babies in close


In those quiet, dark hours, the lack of distraction can actually quite calming and refreshing. Baby’s needs tend to be simple: to be held and fed 🀱🏻. Mothers are experts at both of those things, and the ability to so completely meet the needs of our amazing baby is profoundly satisfying. During these moments let’s think of all of the other parents that are up with their babies at the very same middle-of-the night moment and take comfort in the thought of each of us cradling our babies in the dark of our homes, together in shared experience. Rather than feeling isolated and exhausted, we can feel connected to the other tired mothers that are also awake #momsunited.


So, to all of the tired mothers out there, breathe in and breathe out. These days are intense but short lived. Both you and baby will be sleeping more soundly before long. For now, cuddle your babies, nurse them and love them no matter what time the clock says. The baby you rock tonight someday may have the opportunity to be gazing at the stars while holding a sweet baby of her own. She will be thinking of, and appreciating, you ❀️.


Then below convo happened after i done reading:

Me: what happened if the baby is a boy?

He: why? It’s the same, right?

Me: did you ever think about your mom when you ‘jaga malam’ her?

He: nope πŸ˜‚


Karma Is a Bitch? Not Really

Ever heard the saying ‘Karma is a bitch’

Well i have my own version list of bitches as a new mom.

1. Teething

I still can remember how painful teething as an adult (those last molars 😣). So it’s really heartpain to see baby I crying and desperately chewing on everything, aaand these also ALWAYS happened at night! WHY does tooth grow only at night???? Btw somebody share this tooth eruption chart, haizz so not looking forward to it 😣

2. Vaccine

1st vaccine at 3weeks is ok, cause it will not trigger fever, BUT after that.. oh my.. fever will make her cranky and no appetite to drink milk and can not sleep well also.

3. Milk Strike

Will you chill when baby don’t want to drink milk at all and her last milk was like 5-6 hours ago??? No right??? Well i wont be.

4. Reflux

Having reflux baby means you have to make friends with mop and baby laundry detergent, you’re going to need it A LOT! (This last item can be strike out if i have helper though *sigh*)

These are the top 4 things that swept away my baby’s smile and make me feel #^**%@&@#.


Jiu Pin Lian (ηŽ–ε“θŽ²) – Tanjong Pagar

Selain Ang Mo Kio ternyata Jiu Pin Lian ada juga di International Plaza yang letaknya dekat dengan kantor saya *yaayyy* masih harus jalan kurang lebih 10 menit sih, tapi okelah untuk selingan kalau bosan dengan makanan di Ming Shan.

Meskipun sama-sama Jiu Pin Lian tapi ternyata menunya tidak semua sama dengan cabang ang mo kio, set ala carte lebih banyak dan mereka tidak sayur ready untuk mixed rice seperti stall di ang mo kio.

Lokasinya benar-benar gampang dicari, sampai International plaza masuk dari lobby coffee bean langsung naik eskalator belok ke kanan, ketemu deh.. 😁

Resto didekor ala-ala cafe masa kini jadi dindingnya dihiasi grafitti lucu-lucu yang lumayan buat background selfie (kalau hobi 😜). Spot favorit saya sih di pojokan dekat jendela, biar bisa makan sambil merenungi masa depan tsaaah

fave spot-pojok kiri

Untuk makanan rasanya ok menurut saya, meskipun pricey untuk makanan sehari-hari tapi sebanding dengan porsi dan rasanya 😊. Berikut menu yang sering saya coba:



Fried Prawn Rice Set – SGD 6.9

Black pepper chicken rice set – SGD 6.9

Spagheti – SGD 6.9

Kimchi udon – SGD 6.9


Fried Sotong – SGD 3.9

ps: untuk rice set sudah termasuk segelas ocha panas πŸ™‚


Jiu Pin Lian (ηŽ–ε“θŽ²) – Tanjong Pagar

Open Mon-Fri 7:30am-4:30pm, Sat 7:30am-2:00pm

International Plaza #02-49, 10 Anson Rd, Singapore 079903

Phone: 98102332

Location on Google Map



The Boneless Kitchen – Irving Place

Akibat kecanduan k-drama dan variety show korea saya jadi penasaran dengan korean food terutama jajang myeon! Tapi masalahnya saya tidak pernah menemukan restoran korea vegetarian, restoran korea biasa semuanya pasti menggunakan bawang *sedih*.

Sampai akhirnya saya menemukan The Boneless Kitchen resto korean food yang khusus untuk vegetarian dan tanpa bawang! Akhirnya bisa nyobain juga kimchi dan jajangmyeon *happy*

Sembari menunggu makanan kita akan diberikan snack potato salad dan kimchi, dari 2x kunjungan saya baru tahu jenis yang diberikan bisa berbeda-beda.

Berikut foto makanan yang kami coba:

potato salad+kimchi

Kimchi Fried Rice


Jajang Myeon

Kimchi Jigae

kimchi mandu, kimchi pancake

Sayangnya perut dan lidah saya memang bukan tipe petualang.. jadi tidak bisa mentolerir asam, pedas dan rasa yang unik *sigh*, dari semua menu yang sudah kita coba yang saya favorit malah omelet dan kimchi pancakenya, yeap saya malah suka side dish daripada main menunya :p

Tapi bukan berarti kapok sih, kapan-kapan pasti bakal balik karena belum nyobain bibimbapnya hihi..
The Boneless Kitchen (website)
#01-31, 1 Irving Pl, Singapore 369546

Location on google map