I <3 Rainy Days

It only started in 2010 when I moved out from my childhood house to my current house that I realized I really like rainy days/season.

Here is why:
– The sunset when the rainy season just startes is always pretty, the purple sky like this


Look at the fabulous sky (not the traffic down there)

– The cool temperature, no need for aircon and no sweat
– Sometimes when you’re lucky you can see rainbow, like this one


Double rainbow at mbs

– The gloomy atmosphere, where people in my office tends to go home earlier (but I think it’s to escape the crazy traffic at night :p)

– Lastly… I get to use this cute raincoat!


So if you see someone on the road sitting on a motorcycle with this Legoland raincoat, that’s probably me 😀


Visual veggie / Visual vegetarian – Tangerang

Visual veggie ini adalah resto favorit saya di tangerang, selain makanannya yang enak, lokasi strategis-dekat dari vihara saya dan dilalui banyak angkutan umum, tempatnya nyaman untuk nongkrong atau meeting (ada tempat duduk lesehan) harganya pun terjangkau!
Dekor tempatnya ala sunda dengan bambu dan atap daun-daunan gitu, jadi walaupun hanya menggunakan kipas angin/tanpa ac tetap adem 😁

Berikut pilihan menu yang pernah/sering saya coba:



kwetiau siram vegetarian


Kwetiau Tom Yam Vegetarian


Nasi Padang Vegetarian


Batagor Vegetarian


Pempek Vegetarian


Lemper vegetarian

Menurut pendapat saya menu juara disini:
– Kwetiau Siram: bumbunya pas banget
– Batagor: saya jarang2 (bisa dibilang ga pernah malah) ketemu menu batagor di resto vege, dan batagor disini bumbu kacangnya enak 👌
– Pempek: cukanya pas asemnya, tekstur pempeknya pun ga keras/alot
– Lemper: isi lempernya cuma crispy, tapi rasanya ga tau kenapa enak banget. Teman saya yang ga vege pun suka.

Oiya visual veggie ini sebenarnya cabang dari pusatnya di Duta mas (samping duta buah), yang di duta mas ini menunya lebih banyak (ada pizzaaaa)

Visual veggie house
Jl. TMP Taruna no.2b
Phone: 021-987-11133

Location on Google map


The perks of working on new year’s eve

Happy New Year!

It’s the 7th day of 2015 so it’s still ok to say happy new year i guess 😀

Eventhough year end is holiday season, whereas ‘mbak2 kantoran’ all have long holiday-my friends’ office even close from 25 dec’14-4 jan’15- amazing! Buuuut.. not happened to me, the company i’m working at still open, we only close on public holiday. These are memes that been shared all over the social media (and our office WA group) to mock people who still working on 31 dec.

Makasih ya kang ariel XD



Ndak.. aku tukang petasan


So funny right! hahaha..
But honestly it’s ok to work on new year’s eve, i won’t be able to took these video if i spent my new year’s eve at home 🙂

Jakarta night festival 2014 – Bundaran HI

Fireworks all the way, sorry for the shaky video


Vegetarian madness (vmad) – sunter

Are you vegetarian? You like Indian food? Then this is a perfect place for you!

It’s a n vegetarian restaurant opened in 2014. It’s located by danau sunter and it’s really easy to find. I just search for mcd sunter in Google map, and use it for navigation, you will find vmad before you get to see the mcd.

As we don’t eat onion etc, there are limited menu we had in this place, sad thing is-all the curry use onion :'(, but those limited menu, I found all are very delicious


Beverage: Pinna colada, green juice, lime mojito – 35k each




Mushroom penne – 57k


Hakka bakka noodle – 49k


Blackpepper sizzler – 59k


Gorgeus topping


Personally i’m not too fond of Indian food because of its strong spices , but seems like vmad had adjusted the flavor to Indonesian taste, so you still can taste the Indian flavor but not too much, perfect for me! 😍

The price is quite expensive but worry not, because we already bought voucher from Groupon here. We buy 2 coupon with total amount 168k for all the above dishes, totally worth the price! What i like the most from vmad is, their server are very friendly (eventhough we pay with voucher :p), when we ordered, we just found out that most of the menu offered in the coupon contains garlic or onion, but the server willing to ask the restaurant Manager and they replaced it with other menu. After we finished the supervisor also come to check if the dishes and service is ok. Very nice! 😀

Our personal favourite are: Giant masala papad and Blackpepper Sizzler.

Jl. Danau sunter raya no 46-48, Jakarta
Phone: 021-651-6075
vmad facebook page

Location in google map


Everything J.K. Rowling Revealed About Harry Potter in 2014

As a big fans of Harry Potter, I feel obliged to reblog this… Best book I ever read. Thanks to icha (Marissa) my high school friends who introduced me to Harry 🙂


It’s been more than five years since J.K. Rowling’s final Harry Potter book was released. But it doesn’t mean the wizarding world has come to a halt. 2014 brought columns from Rita Skeeter, social media riddles from Rowling and revelations that Hogwarts was as warm and welcoming a place to diversity as Potter fans would have wanted. Though some critics argue Rowling needs to cool it with the new content, Potter fanatics feel otherwise. Here’s everything we learned about the wizarding world in 2014.

Dumbledore’s Army members are in their thirties

Rowling hit the heart of nostalgia in July when she published a gossip column from Rita Skeeter about Harry and Company’s reunion at the Quidditch World Cup. The infamous wizards, “no longer the fresh-faced teenagers they were in their heyday,” are now in their thirties. Harry, a 34-year-old with “threads of silver” in his hair, was sporting a new…

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