Karma Is a Bitch? Not Really

Ever heard the saying ‘Karma is a bitch’

Well i have my own version list of bitches as a new mom.

1. Teething

I still can remember how painful teething as an adult (those last molars 😣). So it’s really heartpain to see baby I crying and desperately chewing on everything, aaand these also ALWAYS happened at night! WHY does tooth grow only at night???? Btw somebody share this tooth eruption chart, haizz so not looking forward to it 😣

2. Vaccine

1st vaccine at 3weeks is ok, cause it will not trigger fever, BUT after that.. oh my.. fever will make her cranky and no appetite to drink milk and can not sleep well also.

3. Milk Strike

Will you chill when baby don’t want to drink milk at all and her last milk was like 5-6 hours ago??? No right??? Well i wont be.

4. Reflux

Having reflux baby means you have to make friends with mop and baby laundry detergent, you’re going to need it A LOT! (This last item can be strike out if i have helper though *sigh*)

These are the top 4 things that swept away my baby’s smile and make me feel #^**%@&@#.