Paspor Biasa Juga Bisa!!

Bisa apa nih? Bisa ke luar negeri? Hahaha garing banget yak #kriuk
Beberapa tahun lalu saya mulai melihat di samping kanan bagian imigrasi (atau kiri, tergantung dari sudut pandang mana) ada beberapa gate mungil seperti gambar di bawah ini



Lalu ada beberapa orang yang melewatinya, masih sangat jarang, tapi sekilas terlihat prosesnya cepat sekali. Ternyata auto-gate tersebut khusus untuk pemegang paspor elektronik (menatap sedih ke paspor biasa sendiri 😢)

Tapi kesedihan saya akhirnya terobati meskipun sedikit terlambat. Di awal tahun 2015, kolega saya mengajarkan bahwa paspor biasa juga bisa melewati auto-gate asalkan expiry datenya minimal 2017, jadi untuk pemilik paspor dengan expiry date  2015 dan 2016 harus sabar sedikit, setelah expired ingat langsung ganti paspor elektronik 😜

Caranya cukup mudah:

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Hu babbling: Forget me not?

Recently i have marathon on House MD series. This movie is soooo addictive, the character, storyline are very interesting and most important thing is the knowledge of medicine world. I often google the diseases mentioned in the movie just to know if it truly exist, and surprise surprise all those do exist!

One unique condition that i remeber is on season 7 eps 12, it’s about a woman who has Hyperthymia, a condition which she has perfect memory, she can remember everything happened in her life! While some people may thought it as a fortune, but that condition also make her can not forgive her sister for all the bad thing she done to her, she turn out to be a lonely person.

As a forgetful person, i find that ability is amazing, even  maybe envy a little bit. Everybody must have those happy moment we never want to forget, but eventually we will forget it someday, or at least we only can remember it vaguely (that’s where mobile phone camera comes handy 😅). But come to think about it again, we also have bad moment/event which we don’t want to remember, and fortunately these moment will be washed away from our memory as well (thus mobile phone camera is not required 😜)

I found below quote somewhere in the internet: 
First to forget is the happiest, so i guess it’s not really bad to be forgetful anyway 😊