Vendor Review: Divine Wedding & Photo, Harry’s Palmer

Vendor review yang pertama didedikasikan untuk Divine wedding & photography dan Harry’s Palmer, karena mereka vendor paling awal yang kita deal. So here we go…

1. Divine Wedding & Photography (Bridal & Prewedding Photo)

Sesuai cerita saya di sini, salah satu alasan saya pilih Divine karena suka banget dengan foto prewednya, sebelum foto prewed saya rajin liat foto di instagramnya dan naksir berat dengan properti ayunan yang sempat dipakai.

Beberapa minggu sebelum foto kita disuruh datang untuk technical meeting dengan stylist untuk menentukan tema dan gaun yang akan dipakai, Saya sih tidak menentukan tema yang terlalu ajaib, hanya request ayunan di outdoor seperti yang sudah pernah ada di IG mereka dan stylist pun menyanggupi, dalam hati saya dah girang kan, tapi ternyata oh ternyata… Continue reading


Edisi Curhat: Plus Minus Uber User

In this post i would like to share my experience as Uber user, i had ordered 17 times with 10 successful rides, cancelled by driver 3 times, and cancelled by me 4 times, with trips in various cities such as Singapore, Bandung but mostly in Jakarta. Although many rumors says that it is not safe to use it since uber car can not be recognized from outside unlike normal taxi, after using it several times i like the service so far, it really helps me a lot during my mother’s trip here in Jakarta.

The drivers type that i met were varies, range from a retired employee who just want to stay active to a young college student, but mostly are driver from car rental company. Yes, uber cars are mostly from rental company, so it’s like using rental cars but no need to pay for full day. In average the driver are polite, some even open the door for us (feel like a boss hahaha).

I got senior uber driver once in Jakarta, and he explain to me the payment term between driver and uber, when the service still early in Jakarta they got paid 3.3 times for each trip (e.g. for 100k trip driver will get 330k) so nice, right! Unfortunately that calculation only last for 1 or 2 weeks then it go down to 3x, 2.4x and 1.5x subsequently. This calculation did not effect customer though, so user/rider still can enjoy cheap rate. But the rate may be increased in the future – which i think is fair, the rate will increase eventually when the market is more mature like the service in Singapore.

I tried uber once in Singapore and the rate is even a bit higher (1 or 2 dollar) compare to normal taxi, at that time i was traveled in 6 which exceed the normal uberX capacity so we have to split car and i have to take normal taxi separately, surprisingly even though i have to wait 5 minute longer for taxi, we arrived at the same time and my bill was cheaper by 1 dollar then uber’s bill (for the record i use SMRT maroon color taxi).

In Jakarta, this maybe happened during peak hours, Uber rate in jakarta different between peak and non peak hours, you can see from the thunder sign and the numbers in the middle like this.

Uber rate on after office hour (captured on 17.34)

Uber rate on after office hour (captured on 17.34)

I personally will prefer existing taxi or Gojek or even normal ojek rather than order through uber considering the longer waiting time for uber. My friend said the 2.5x cost similar to normal taxi, so you can imagine how much 3.5x will cost you right?

Finally, here are Uber’s plus-minus in my opinion:
– It’s cheap during non-peak hour compare to normal taxi (as reference: from muara karang-puri i only pay 62k)
– After a driver is assigned to you, you will get his car plate, photo and phone number. You can view your history trip on your apps (for android user you can see it in ‘Help’ menu) and also open it in web (www.uber.com).
– You can rate a driver (rider will be rate as well but based on your trip’s distance if i’m not mistaken :p), this is a way to maintain their driver quality also i guess.
– Uber is good for people in Jakarta who does not have car, but need to travel in group of more than 4 people, or need to move big/long item which can not if in taxi/sedan trunk. After my wedding day i have to return the canvas holder (120cm long), it will not fit in normal taxi’s trunk, but if i have to rent a normal car (cost 300-400k) for 1-way trip it surely cost a lot, so uber really help me save much.
– You will get receipt by email for every trip you had, this comes very handy for people who like to calculate their daily expense.
– Payment with credit card: You will required to input your cc details when register so all the payment will automatically charged to your cc, so when i don’t have cash in hand but i need to go somewhere, i may prefer uber than other transportation

– You will get charged 30k for cancellation fee if you cancel your order more than 5 minutes after you got a driver assigned to you. So make sure that you really want to use uber before you book.
– No customer service phone number, this is the huge disadvantage in my opinion. Once i got charged cancellation fee for accidentally press the cancel button, i search for phone number to submit complain but can not found any, so i submit my complain through the apps and email, fortunately both were responded quick and i got back the 30k as uber credit for my next trip
– The apps took forever to load >< this is verrryyy frustrating, especially when the internet connection is bad it can take up to 15-20 min to open the app. I think it’s because the app is used worldwide so it has more complicated setting and has more accurate GPS.

Conclusion: In certain situations (in a hurry, during business trip, bad phone signal, etc) I will still choose normal taxi, but other than that I will try uber first as it’s cheaper and easier to track.

For first time user you can get free credit for amount of 75k, you only need to input promo code: jennyh1193ue or click below link to install the mobile apps on your phone https://www.uber.com/invite/Jennyh1193ue 😁 You get free 75k and I will get free 75k too!! So please please pretty please use my code 😆

Update 3 july 2015: uber indonesia has changed their free ride system, instead 75k credit that you can use several times, you will get free ride up to 150k, but for 1 time only (sob) 

Update aug’15: the free ride been decreased again to only 75k (sob.. Sob..). As its been decreasing, i will not update anymore until there is any extreme change. #still sad from the credit-to-one-time-free-ride changes 😦


Finally tied the knot!


After 9 months preparation the ‘baby’ is out! hahaha… Well it really feels like holding your poop 😂

At first I felt relaxed, no fuss at all, but the last 2 months (especially the last 2 weeks) feels like riding a roller coaster, so stress yet passed so fast.

I will post the vendor review in different posts to express my gratitude for their amazing work.. Soon (hopefully very soon 😝)