Teng Bespoke – Singapore

Saya suka japanese food! Tapi sayang, restoran vegetarian jarang yang menyediakan menu makanan jepang, kebanyakan indonesian food atau chinese food, dan saya pun hanya bisa (terpaksa) puas dengan tamagoyaki, kappa maki dan tamago maki di Sushi Tei. Jadi ketika saya tahu tentang Teng bespoke ini, saya bertekad harus nyobain.

Lokasi Teng Bespoke cukup strategis, mudah dicapai dari mrt Bras Basah cukup jalan kaki sedikit sampe deh. Menunya bervariasi dengan harga yang cukup lumayan untuk ukuran restoran (lebih mahal dari hawker sih pastinya T_T jadi ga bisa sering-sering hiks..)

Dari dua kali kunjungan saya kesana, makanan yang saya coba enak-enak.. tuh kan jadi ngiler lagi huhuhu T_T

Berikut menu yang saya coba di Teng:


1st visit-Clockwise: Unagi Maki – Pork Fillet – Ebi Katsu Maki


1st visit: Cendol Matcha


2nd visit: Unagi Maki – Tofu Cake – Avocado Maki – Cendol Matcha

Menu yang saya coba di Teng Bespoke:

  1. Unagi Maki ($15): Menu yang muncul 2 kali jadi memang favorit saya pribadi hihihi.. Simply karena rasanya enak dan pas
  2. Cendol matcha ($8): Ini juga yang muncul 2 kali, di sini cendolnya unik karena rasa matcha, santannya pun diganti krim, jadi tidak seperti cendol biasa. Sayangnya seperti menu matcha biasanya, dessert ini juga diberi secuil red bean (arrrghh.. ). Tapi tetep enak kok 😀
  3. Avocado Maki ($15): Baru dicoba di 2nd visit, isiannya enak, tapi saya lebih suka unagi maki.
  4. Ebu Katsu Maki ($15): Isinya udang vegetarian dan sashimi vegetarian. Sashiminya rasanya seperti agar-agar tawar, jujur menurut saya aneh hahaha..
  5. Pork Fillet ($11): Kita kurang suka karena lapisan katsunya terlalu tebal dan keras. Tapi ini selera masing-masing sih.
  6. Tofu Cake ($7): Yang ini juga kita pribadi kurang suka karena ‘dicemplungin’ ke kuah sup jadi lembek-lembek gimana gitu ><

Overall makan di sini puas! dan pasti balik lagi klo lagi pengen makan enak fufufu… Untuk para  vegan, harus hati-hati karena banyak menu yang menggunakan mayonaise jadi baiknya cek dulu sebelum memesan.

Kalau mau ke sana, perhatikan jam operasinya, karena mereka tutup di sore hari, jadi jangan sampai udah bela-belain dateng tapi malah pas jam istirahatnya.

Teng Bespoke
91 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189652
Open hours:Mon-Sun, 11:30 – 15:00 , 17:30 – 22:00
Phone: 63377050
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Happy Happy Happy New Year 2016!

I actually wrote this post in 2 jan’16 but just publish it today because i didn’t realize that it has been sitting in draft all this time LOL…


It’s a new year! Can’t believe that 2015 just pass by, it was a very exciting year indeed, full of changes and new experiences.

As i left my corporate work to move to Singapore with DD, this time i celebrate new year different than usual, i would like to go back through those good old corporate work life, especially THE company which fiscal year ended in December *wink*

2009: i was still newbie, so i remembered i was allowed to go home ‘early’ that day, by early it means on 6 or 7 pm. I managed to go to mall in Serpong to celebrate new year with friends. I still used Sony Ericsson Z610, my dream phone at that time, flip and pink! Closed a flip phone with one hand is very cool back then.


2010: First time year end closing, have lunch at Marche  which was newly open at that time, treated by a colleague (i love gratisan $_$). My sister and i were the last person who left office that day, we have to leave by bajaj that night as no taxi was able to come through bundaran HI.


Last lunch in 2010

2011: 31 dec fell on saturday this year, so i got to work at home on new year’s eve that year, it also the first year in my life to stay in kost-out from my hometown. The room had the best spot to view fireworks from it’s surrounding, too bad i did not keep the video 😦

2012: It was a very special eve because i didn’t have to work!! Yup i was having pilgrimage trip to southern taiwan. Back in jakarta my colleague told me they have to work from cafe as the office internet was down, eventhough Jakarta government (jokowi was the new governor that year) asked all office in the thamrin area to close by 16.00 for the new year festival, they still stay late in the cafe that day. A bit of my new year’s photo was posted here.

firework 2012

2012 Fireworks

2013: Due to the new year event in Bunderan HI we can went home earlier that day, but going home early did not mean stop working. I stopped by Visual veggie to continue my work there until 9 pm (it’s very cozy to work there :D) then headed to fo tang to celebrate new year 😀


First picture in 2014

2014: Although everything almost finished early but still have tiny bit details left, so still had to work until 23.00 that day, i remembered my manager drive me out to find taxi, and i got to watch fireworks from the road, i posted it here.


Enter a caption

2015: It’s last night! Unfortunately nothing exciting, we were to lazy to get ourself drowned in marina bay so we only have family dinner with at Grandma’s. No adrenaline ride this year, just calm and warm night, but i like it 😊

Happy New Year 2016! May we create a great memory and pics in 2016 yaaaay!


The Return of Superman – The Sad News

The Return of Superman (Hangul: 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다; also known as Superman Is Back) Everybody is going to love this show! I kid you not.

At first I also did not interested to watch it, because I think it will be similar to Dad! Where Are We Going? (Hangul: 아빠! 어디가) that I watched before where a couple of famous artist dad brought their kid to holiday, and honestly it’s boring after I watched a couple episode, so when my colleague told me about Dae Han, Min Guk, Man Se in Return of Superman I thought it will be the same, but she insisted that it’s different and the kid are super cute! So I looked them up in Instagram, saw their pic, saw their shortclip… and oh my they are really really cute! Then I started to watch their show, I only watched from eps 34 of course which was the triplet’s first episode.


Their 1st blackroom, Manse looks very sneaky already ;p

It is really nice watching them, the connection between the triplets is very sweet (I know it’s part of the good work of the editor and narrator also) and Song Il Kook really clever, he really know how to keep making the kids (and the audience) entertained, e.g. took them to various camp which were good to discipline the kids and interesting for audience, other than that I also like he’s parenting trick like this one – when he had to deal with Man se’s bad eating habit (watch here). Every time I watched the show, I never stop being amazed how the 3 babies who were born and brought up by the same parents can have so different in character.

I like all the 3 of them, but I like Min Guk the most, here are the list of shortclip so you will agree with me:
Min Guk Cry
Clever Min Guk
Cute Min Guk

Lately there are rumors that Song Il Guk will leave the show due to Song Il Guk’s new movie, I remembered in July’15 and Oct’15 but the producer keep telling that it’s not true. Sadly in mid December 2015 they finally announced it officially that they will leave the show and the final episode will be in feb’16 *sob* (source: allkpop)

I’m really sad they are leaving, especially because Song Il Guk or the triplets does not have any official social media (instagram or twitter) unlike Haru (@tabloisdad) or Jin  young (hjballet80) so even they left the show fans still can see their update. Well, must be sounds like crazy paparazzi now LOL.. Nonetheless wish that they will grow up healthily and safely 🙂

One thing for sure, I will stop watching the show once they leave though because the quintet are not good enough to replace them IMO.