Jiu Pin Lian (玖品莲) – Ang Mo Kio

Saya menemukan stall ini dari stalking salah satu user IG, ternyata lokasinya sangat dekat dari rumah dan akhirnya jadi favorit saya setiap weekend.

Cewe penjaga stall ini sangat ramah dan baik. Waktu kunjungan pertama kali saya sampai sudah lewat dari jam 6 dan mereka sebenarnya sudah tutup, tapi mungkin karena melihat tampang saya yang melas dia pun menanyakan pada rekannya makanan apa yang masih ada, jadilah menu pertama yang saya coba Mutton Curry Rice (seharusnya ada kuah kari, tapi waktu itu sudah kehabisan)

Mutton Curry Rice

Rasanya? Enaaak… Walaupun tanpa kuah kari tetap rasa muttonnya enak, yang paling saya suka adalah side dish tahu kuningnya.. Nope itu bukan scrambled egg tapi tahu tumis kunyit gitu.

Kunjungan selanjutnya saya mencoba menu lainnya sbb:

Salad Chicken Rice Set

Plum Sauce Chicken Rice Set – chickennya terlanjur dicomot sebelum difoto :p


Untuk rice set semua sudah termasuk side dish: tumis bokchoy, kuah dan fruit salad. Chicken katsunya sebenarnya kulitnya kurang garing agak ketebelan tapi tetap rasanya enak, lagipula masih sebanding lah dengan harganya menurut saya. Untuk laksa meskipun harganya 3.5 tapi isinya lumayan royal. Menu favorit kami di stall ini adalah Salad Chicken Rice Set.


玖品莲 (Jiu Pin Lian)

Blk 340 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

Singapore 560340

Location on google map


What to do in Singapore? Escape!

A friend of mine recommend to try escape game while i’m in singapore. Basically in this game you pay to be locked in a room and you have to solve the puzzle to get the key to get out of the room, sounds simple and ridiculous right? Not really.. ha!

There are many operator for escape game in singapore, 9 operator at the time this blog is posted and each operator has minimum 2 rooms, so picking which one to play is very hard :(. I went googling to read people’s review, i find the review in tripadvisor and https://escapingsg.wordpress.com are very useful. From all the review, finally we pick Xcape – Chamber of secret, it’s recommended by many reviewer, challenging but the difficulty level not too high, and the most important thing is it’s not blood/organ/ghost related (!!), here is the room details:

This game is best done with a group of friend, from 6-10, but i only to manage to take my cousin, sister and friends to join this game, so if we fail to solve this room it’s because lack of team member not because of our IQ LOL..

As it’s my first experience for such game, i don’t have any expectation, i found myself in awe a couple times when we managed to find out some clue or got hint from the crew (or maybe i’m too stupid, i don’t know hahaha). Too bad one of the key device not working properly so it quite ruin our experience a bit, but our overall experience is great!

oh.. one more bad side of this operator: they don’t have photobooth unlike some of other operator, so we can not take selfi/wefie picture hihihi :p