The perks of working on new year’s eve

Happy New Year!

It’s the 7th day of 2015 so it’s still ok to say happy new year i guess 😀

Eventhough year end is holiday season, whereas ‘mbak2 kantoran’ all have long holiday-my friends’ office even close from 25 dec’14-4 jan’15- amazing! Buuuut.. not happened to me, the company i’m working at still open, we only close on public holiday. These are memes that been shared all over the social media (and our office WA group) to mock people who still working on 31 dec.

Makasih ya kang ariel XD



Ndak.. aku tukang petasan


So funny right! hahaha..
But honestly it’s ok to work on new year’s eve, i won’t be able to took these video if i spent my new year’s eve at home 🙂

Jakarta night festival 2014 – Bundaran HI

Fireworks all the way, sorry for the shaky video