Ming Shan Vegetarian (明善)- Tanjong Pagar

This place really deserve a post, it’s my saviour, an oasis in the desert… Hm.. Ok i think it’s too much 😜

Although there are couples of vegetarian restaurants in Tanjong Pagar area, but Ming Shan is the only place which is nearest to my office and have enormous choice of vegetable/faux meat, they taste nice too (well.. According my taste buds though). When i bored with the mixed rice, i can order ala carte menu such as Hokkian mie, kway chap, Yu Mian, and many more. Thanks to them i don’t have to sacrifice an hour of my morning sleep to cook :p

Expect long queue during lunch time but worry not cos’ the uncle and aunties there serve very fast so the queue move very fast as well, although i still recommend to take away as the seat often full. I like to take away and eat at office as it’s more comfortable also (aircon!)

Here are some menu that i had tried:


Yu Mian Kan – SGD 3


Hokkian Mie+fried mock fish – SGD 4



Mixed rice SGD 3.2

mixed rice 3 veg SGD 3.2

You can see that the portion is very generous despite the cheap price, mixed rice is varies from SGD 3-4 with 3 choices of veggies/faux meat. 

At last… Please bear in mind that this review is very subjective, but compare to other hawker food that i’ve tried for its taste – Ming Shan is one of my favourite.

Ming Shan Vegetarian – Tanjong Pagar
7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza (in the same complex with Melben Seafood), Singapore 081007

location on Google Map


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