I <3 Rainy Days

It only started in 2010 when I moved out from my childhood house to my current house that I realized I really like rainy days/season.

Here is why:
– The sunset when the rainy season just startes is always pretty, the purple sky like this


Look at the fabulous sky (not the traffic down there)

– The cool temperature, no need for aircon and no sweat
– Sometimes when you’re lucky you can see rainbow, like this one


Double rainbow at mbs

– The gloomy atmosphere, where people in my office tends to go home earlier (but I think it’s to escape the crazy traffic at night :p)

– Lastly… I get to use this cute raincoat!


So if you see someone on the road sitting on a motorcycle with this Legoland raincoat, that’s probably me 😀


2 thoughts on “I <3 Rainy Days

  1. suka juga ama rainy days tapi dengan catatan kalo lagi di rumah. kalo lagi beraktivitas di luar gak suka… ribet soanlya kalo lagi ujan. hahaha.

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